Holzkohle Pulver | Coates Charcoal

Holzkohle Pulver | Coates Charcoal

An assortment of 30 (approximately) half length sticks of various diameters. The perfect choice for anyone wanting to try willow charcoal drawing for the first time. This box contains several thin sticks and a mixture of medium and thick sticks.

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Content: 125 Gramm (€0.10 * / 1 Gramm)

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Coates- Handmade fine English coal ground to a fine powder (120 microns). This willow charcoal... more

Coates- Handmade fine English coal ground to a fine powder (120 microns). This willow charcoal powder is great for large format artwork, subtle shading, or even mixing with water or paint is possible. It can be applied to any absorbent surface with a brush or your fingers.

Coates Willow Charcoal is known as the world's finest charcoal made from willow rods, in the best quality for the highest artistic demands. It is soft and full-tone in abrasion and can be easily erased.
Please note that willow charcoal is a completely natural product made from farmed willow grown on the Somerset plateau.
The sizes of the charcoal pencils are approximate. One end of the carbon stick is different in size from the other end. The English family Coate has been producing natural charcoal from willow trees for 40 years. It is well known that willows grow very quickly and the willow branches become up to 2.50 m long after a growing period (May-October). The rapid growth is responsible for the soft willow wood and thus for the soft texture of the charcoal, the charring process of which takes about 3 days in several work steps. On the stick made of willow charcoal, you can sometimes see exactly where the leaves were removed from the willow stick, as well as the soft central pulp in the core of the stick.

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