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Molotow One4All
ONE4ALL™ Acrylfarbe
ONE4ALL ™ acrylic paint the color in the markers in a practical bottle to refill your markers. Or to use straight from the bottle to let your creativity run free. ONE4ALL ™ is ideal for the airbrush technique.
Content 30 Milliliter (€19.00 * / 100 Milliliter)
From €5.70 *
Leerflasche | ONE4ALL™
Leerflasche | ONE4ALL™
One4All Leerflasche - kompatibel mit fast allen Tinten.
Content 1 Stück
From €1.60 *
Maskierfilm Refill | Molotow
Maskierfilm Refill | Molotow
The ART MASKING LIQUID is a special covering liquid for scrubbing in a finished application tool. And this is how it works: apply the covering liquid to the surface that is not to be worked on, then color it, let it dry briefly and scrub...
Content 0.03 Liter (€263.33 * / 1 Liter)
€7.90 *
Molotow | Liquid CHROME Liquid chrome is now available from the bottle. Liquid Chrome ™ for the best mirror effect on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces. The highly pigmented special ink creates a real mirror effect and is met with great...
Content 0.03 Liter (€665.00 * / 1 Liter)
€19.95 *